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Terms & Conditions

Please book your event or party at least 14 days before your preferred date. Any date requests will be honored to the best of our abilities. The earlier you book,  smoother the planning process is.


You give us permission to use your child's image alongside our characters by checking our Terms and Conditions box prior to booking. (The image and/or video will be the only ones utilized.) There is no other information supplied). We place a high value on your kid's safety and well-being, thus we never reveal any personal information about you or your child. We reserve the right to publish photographs taken during the parties on our website and/or on our social media accounts. Please notify us BEFORE booking if you wish to opt out of this. As a result, we will be able to present you with a separate form to fill out that is tailored to your specific requirements.


When you book ONE performer, they are only allowed to remain for ONE HOUR as a safety measure when events are outside and temperatures are 80 degrees or higher.


Overtime charges: If the character or assistant is kept longer than the scheduled number of minutes, you will be charged an additional fee based on a pro-rated sum for each 10-minute interval.


Deposits: Deposits are $75. Although cancellations may occur for a variety of reasons, DEPOSITS ARE NOT REFUNDABLE. If you must cancel, please notify us as soon as possible. If we are not notified of a cancellation, the full cost of the booked event must be paid. In the event of severe weather, unforeseen circumstances, or illness, Exclusive Events reserves the right to reschedule an event. Your deposit will be applied to the new event.


Late Arrival: If your character is late, they will remain at the event to make up for any time missed. Please allow a 15 minute buffer time before your scheduled booking begins. 

Damage: While we are aware that accidents happen, you may be held liable for excessive damage to Exclusive Events' costumes and property during your event. You will be charged for the expense of replacing or repairing damaged or broken costumes or materials.

Discipline and Non-Participation: The flow of the event and activities is the responsibility of the performer and their assistant. Therefore, we take no responsibility for a child's poor behavior or refusal to engage in activities. We try our hardest to involve every child and ensure that they all have a nice time, but we can't control them if they aren't interested in seeing the performers. We respectfully request that you keep an eye on any children who refuse to engage. This way, we can provide the remainder of the kids the finest experience possible

Adults at the Event: We ask that the birthday child's parent(s) or guardian(s) stay for the duration of the event/party to cater to the children's needs. Parents and adults are allowed to remain and watch the show. Onlookers are asked to be courteous, allowing performers enough room for their activities. This keeps the kids focused and provides a setting where they can hear the assistants' directions and other activities.

Tips: A gratuity for the characters and their assistants is not included in the package price. The performer and their assistant receive 100% of the gratuity.

Liability: Exclusive Events is released from all liability pertaining to injuries that may occur during any activities during rented events under the terms of this agreement.

Rescheduling: Rescheduling more than 7 days ahead of the party or event allows your deposit to be applied to new date. Any event that is rescheduled 6 days or less prior to your event will require an additional non refundable deposit.

No Liability For Personal Injury: The customer understands that Exclusive Events will not be held liable for any personal injuries that may be sustained while engaging in any of the activities included in their booked service.

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